Entire Sanctification: The Distinctive Doctrine of Wesleyanism

Dr. Grider, former professor of theology at Nazarene Theological Seminary presents a theology of the doctrine and experience of entire sanctification which he dubs as the distinctive doctrine of Wesleyanism. The book discusses how to received the divine grace of entire sanctification and answers many questions about the doctrine and experience. Dr. Grider makes much use of Scripture and the writings of the Holiness movement. Chapter titles include:

  1. An Introduction: the Distinctive Doctrine
  2. Components of the Experience
  3. The Nomenclature of Wesleyanism
  4. Spirit Baptism in Scripture
  5. The Holiness Movement and Spirit Baptism
  6. Instantaneous Versus Gradual Sanctification
  7. Carnality and Humanity
  8. Receiving and Retaining Entire Sanctification
  9. Questions Frequently Asked
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