Boards and Committees

Board of Publications

Retire in 2015 – Karen Speak, Don Callaway, Randall Bland

Retire in 2016 – John Scofield(c), Matt Lee, Robert Thompson Jr.

Retire in 2017 – Randy Joe Bland, Gayle Woods, Ben Nelson

Convention Roll Committee

Retire in 2015 – Dennis West and Steve Dillon

Retire in 2016 – Ben Nelson and Paul Pruett

Retire in 2017 – Michael Avery and David Carpenter

Credential Committee

Retire in 2015 – Steve Dillon and Bobby Clouse

Retire in 2016 – Noel Scott and Mark Stetler

Retire in 2017 – Mark Avery and Bill Smith

Foundation Board

Retire in 2015 – Mark Avery, Steve Elsey and Mike Ash

Retire in 2016 – Glenn McClure, Joe Dodson, and Bob Clouse

Retire in 2017 – Arthur L. Scott, Dwight Purtle, and Greg Wright

Retire in 2018 – Bill Lee, Ralph Bland, and Delbert Scott

Harmony Hill Board of Directors

Retire in 2015 – L.C. Maddox and Arthur Scott

Retire in 2016 – Gary McCray and Kenny Hubbard

Retire in 2017 – Justin Dodson and Larrell Witt

Home Mission Board

Retire in 2015 – Chad Pollard, Ed Tatum,  and Jonathan Woods

Retire in 2016 – Ron Allred, Ralph Wheeler (3), and Mark Avery

Retire in 2017- Brandon Speak, Matt Lee (3), and Tim Brubeck

World Mission Board

Retire in 2015 – Joe Trussell, William Hayton, Travis Bland

Retire in 2016 – Robert Thompson, Jr., Rodney Davis, and Silas McGehee

Retire in 2017 – Paul Confe, Travis Sayler and Travis Bland

Appointed Committees for 2013 General Convention

Memorial – Robert Thompson Sr. and William Hayton

Worship – Ben Nelson and Travis Bland

Auditing – Walter Woods, Greg Wright, Dwight Purtle, and John Scofield

Nominating – Chad Pollard (C), plus one member from each of the following boards: World Missions, Home Missions, Publications, and Foundation

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