has moved!

You probably cannot tell the difference now, but is on a new server. I sent all existing email users an email before this move asking for your passwords so that I could setup your email accounts once the move was completed.

Unfortunately, only a few people responded to my email. If you have not sent me your email information yet, please email me at webmaster (at) cogh (dot) net.

With our new move, our email accounts are now being hosted by Google Apps. This means that there is no limit to attachments. Also, you can use the calendar and documents feature of Google Apps with your email account.

For those who sent me the passwords for your email… the web interface for your email account is at

You can find instructions at on how to change your desktop email program settings to download your email as before. Note: as a email user you are a Google Apps user.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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