Dancing on Thin Concrete

Jun 18, 2001

A few weeks ago there was a terrible tragedy in Jerusalem. A wedding party of about 600 people were celebrating together when the floor collapsed beneath them. Those who were partying were focused on the pleasure of the moment. They felt secure in their surroundings. They sensed no danger. They were oblivious to their destiny. They were sure that the building was of sound construction. What could go wrong on such a joyous occasion?

The joy of the occasion and the celebration of their dance turned to sudden and final horror as the floor dropped a couple of stories. The laughter, fellowship, merriment and excitement came crashing to disaster and death for many of the celebrants because of reported poor workmanship in the building. The moment was caught on video tape as the music and dancing ended with the sudden disappearance of the entire dance floor amid screams of terror and looks of horror. The floor was apparently not as strong as it needed to be. I have read that the concrete was not as thick as it was supposed to be.

Those present did not think that they were taking some unreasonable risk, such as venturing out on a thin layer of ice during a winters outing. They were, after all, simply dancing on a concrete floor which had passed someone’s inspection.

This is a pictue of the world we live in today. The world is partying with no concern for it’s destructive surroundings, awareness of it’s lurking danger or vision of it’s dark destiny. They are sure of their foundation in life, certain of the soundness of their beliefs. They have home, food, cars, boats, friends and a bright future, what could go wrong? They have not done something as foolish as skating out on the thin ice of radicalism or fanaticism. They are simply dancing on the solid foundation of a life built on the concrete of societal norms. Their desires and actions are just like those around them. After all, how could there be any problem with the way they are living when the vast majority of neighbors are dancing the same dance?

However, they are standing on a weak foundation. Partying like there is no tomorrow. There laughter will be turned to terror, their security will be turned to disater. They are not being so foolish as to skate on thin ice but they presume that their foundation is safe and sound…while they are dancing on thin concrete.

This life will suddenly give way to the horrors of the next world where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Where there is eternal punishment for sin and where the cry of their torment never ceases. The moment of transition will bring a sudden change from celebration and revelry to suffering and punishment. The moment of this life’s fleeting pleasures will give way to eternal separation from God. There will come a moment when the facade and pretense of this world will be swept away and the reality of eternal destiny will come rushing up to meet those who have chosen to live their lives without the love, forgiveness, presence and mercy of God. A life lived without Jesus is the way to eternity without God. People refuse to accept both their own accountability for disobedience and rebellion and God’s provision for forgiveness and newness of life. They are dancing on thin concrete and will only realize the error of their way when the bottom drops out and they are lost forever!

Believe that you have sinned against God. Believe that you deserve to be separated from God for eternity in eternal punishment. Believe that God paid for your sin with the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus, on the cross. Believe that Jesus died for your sins and that He rose again from the dead. Confess and turn from your sins, believe on Jesus as your Rescuer and you shall be saved from the dark night of eternal separation and the eternal torment which awaits you.


Pastor David L. Gould – The Church On Higher Ground

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