Wondering where the “Email Directory” maintained by has gone? In order to keep a better maintained directory, the “Email Directory” is now a list of all members of this site.

The old directory will be kept for a while for legacy’s sake, but you will need to become a user of to log in to view the page. Once you login to this site, you will see those pages listed in this section.

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  1. russedav says:

    I’ve looked all over the site/page in vain to find a way to sign up for
    Once I did:
    From: Church of God (Holiness)
    Sent: Thursday, March 7, 2013 9:59 AM
    Subject: [Church of God (Holiness)] – Your registration information =20
    Thank you for registering on Church of God (Holiness)
    Username: russedav5
    Password: mFt2cK2u8hfd
    but this has evidently been deleted since when I enter it it’s rejected as invalid. I attended KCCBS for 5 years back from 1977-1982.
    Please advise on how to sign up.
    Russell (Russ) Davis

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