General Convention 2010

Last Monday, the 2010 General Convention of the Churches of God (Holiness) was convened. After the election and financial reports of the various boards and committees was completed in the morning session (see our updated “Boards and Committees” page), delegates spent the afternoon in Strategic Planning.

Delegates first heard a report from Mark McCalmon concerning the investment account set up for COGH ministers to use as a retirement fund. Delegates were instructed how to keep their portfolio in balance, etc.

Next, representatives from Christian Healthcare Ministries presented their health cost sharing ministry to delegates. CHM informed delegates that the recent health care reform bill passed by Congress that requires everyone to carry health insurance provides an exception for those who are part of a health cost sharing ministry. The representatives went on to demonstrate the large savings one could make using their ministry rather than a regular health insurance plan. CHM also promised to make a donation to Kansas City College and Bible School for any new subscriber gained as a result of their promotional efforts at the Convention.

Chad Pollard next spoke, presenting a six part church planting strategy that Home Missions / the Strategic Planning committee plans to use in its effort to start new churches. Chad spoke of the need for church planting, noting that if the Church of God (Holiness) continues to lose churches at its current yearly rate that the U.S. movement will be gone in 2075.

Jack Smith noted that most of the “regions” developed several years ago are not functioning today. One exception is the northwest Arkansas region. Lonnie Witt, chairman of that region, talked of how their region functioned and noted a number of topics this region had studied as part of their meetings as well as activities in which they had engaged.

Thank you for your prayers for COGH delegates during this year’s General Convention. May God bless the Churches of God (Holiness) throughout this next year as we serve Him faithfully!

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