Giving a Bouquet

Romans 12:17-21

The mischievous boy saw her coming.  He shrank deeper into the shadows.  A cruel grin broke his hardened face.  She was his classmate.  She seemed to think she was better than he . . . at least, the fact that she didn’t seem to recognize his existence told the same.

Today the girl had been sent on an errand of mercy by her mother.  This was common for they were good and compassionate people.  She was wearing a spotless white dress.  She walked carefully to avoid the puddles from the shower of last evening.  In her arms was a bouquet picked just that morning from their flower garden.   She was on her way to the home of a grieving widow hoping to bring cheer during this time of distress.

The boy slipped from tree to tree favoring their deep shadows.  She seemed to not realize that the boy had become her shadow.  Just as she neared her destination the boy saw his moment of opportunity.  Scooping up a handful of mud from a nearby puddle he hurled it at his target.

With elation he saw the beautiful white gown ruined with the mud splatter of his missile.  She stopped dead in her tracks and then slowly turned face her attacker.  Her lips trembled as she fought to hold the tears in check.  Then to his surprise she smiled and stepping forward placed the bouquet in his arms.

His head dropped in shame.  He had come to intimidate.  He desired to hurt.  Instead he had met a peacemaker face to face.  His defensive facade was shattered.  It seemed as if the music made by the rustle of the leaves stirring in the breeze was saying, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

By Dr. Gayle Woods

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