God Is Our Strength

Psalm 71:14-19

If God is our strength then this suggests we have no strength of our own.

I got into a lot of fights in grade school.  I don’t remember ever losing a fight.  Neither do I remember ever starting a fight.  On one occasion, however, I was waiting for someone to fight.  I don’t remember the boy or the reason.

It was at the end of the alley that went behind our house.  I waited until I saw him coming and stepped out to confront the boy.  Before I could make my opening address I noticed an older girl crossing the street toward us.  She said, “If you touch my brother I will beat you up.”

I had always been raised to respect women.  An unspoken rule of our family was that you never laid a hand on someone of the opposite gender.  I was an obedient son. I backed away and decided that the wrong did not need to be made right in this case.

I am confident I would have had an undefeated record after the intended fight.  What I didn’t consider was that the boy would be relying on a greater strength than he possessed.

Many times we are accosted by difficult circumstances, opposing forces, and evil intentions.  In those times our fears will be calmed in the assurance that it is not in our strength that we trust, but in that of our divine Protector.

By Dr. Gayle Woods


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