God’s Presence in Zion

Zeph 3:14-20 (17)

I remember as a small child coming home from school on a particular afternoon. I began to call out to my mother. It seemed that I sensed something was wrong. Something was missing. I sensed an emptiness in the house. I sensed a stark coldness of aloneness. I felt the pang of anxiety. At other times I have been in conversation with people and suddenly I would sense that there were more present than I was talking to. Turning slightly I would see that someone had entered the room.

In much the same manner in times of our busyness and self-sufficiency we begin to sense that the presence of God has withdrawn. We realize suddenly that it is quiet. There is no communication. There is an aloneness. There is an emptiness. This need not be the case. If we will walk close to God we can know His constant presence. We can know the assurance that He brings to those who love and obey Him.

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