Obstacles to Success

Proverbs 22:10-16 (16)

You can expect obstacles in life.  On the way to church you may find that the highway is under construction and you have to take a detour.  Some obstacles that you will face are more significant.  You may be handicapped causing you to forfeit some of the desires in life you might have had.

Jesus F. Contreras, a Mexican sculptor lost his right arm while working on a statue. Besides the pain, expense and inconvenience, this caused him a lot of frustration. But the artist did not give up on his work. Through painstaking effort he learned to carve with his left hand. Finally the day came when he unveiled his beautiful masterpiece.  He had named it ’In Spite Of’.

Booker T. Washington was born in slavery. Thomas Edison was deaf in his left ear and 80% deaf in his right ear.  Beethoven was deaf.  Abraham Lincoln was born of illiterate parents. Lord Byron had a club foot. Robert Louis Stevenson had tuberculosis. Alexander Pope was a hunchback. Admiral Nelson had only one eye. Julius Caesar was an epileptic. Helen Keller was blind and deaf.

All of these individuals faced obstacles but did not let it stop them.  They went on to great success.

We take courage from such stories and yet we have an advantage that many in life have not discovered.  We have a God whose grace is sufficient for every circumstance.  We have a God who will never leave us when we face the obstacles of live.  He will never forsake us when others give up and leave us to face the hardships of life alone.

By Dr. Gayle Woods

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