Picture of Unity

1 Cor. 12:12-17

Honeybees live in big groups called colonies which can have more than 50,000 bees. As you might imagine, bees have to do many jobs to keep everything running smoothly. One very important job is collecting the nectar from which they make honey. Some bees have the special job of flying outside the hive to find sources of nectar such as blooming flowers. When they find some, they collect what they can and bring it back to the hive. Inside the hive, other bees turn that nectar into honey.

If the bee finds a good source of nectar, such as a whole field full of flowers, it could certainly stay busy going back and forth with loads of nectar. Instead of keeping the good news to itself and getting credit for all the work it does, the bee shares this good news with other bees by doing a special dance inside the hive. It walks around in a particular way, sometimes buzzing its abdomen back and forth. The way the bee does this dance shows the other bees how good the nectar supply is, how far away it is, and what direction to fly to get there.

It is always a beautiful sight when Christians are seen working together in harmony seeking to accomplish the same purpose. When personal agendas, the desire for personal recognition and reward are put aside for the glory of God you can be sure that you have seen a picture of unity in the household of faith.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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