Reading List

During my ministry internship in college, Pastor Ernie Mullins encouraged me to read one book a month. I have to admit that I have not always done that even though I do read a number of articles, etc. Recently, I have been developing some personal goals in regards to growing as a Christian leader. One of the goals I set down was to read a book per month. I have a number of books on my shelves that I have never read or have only partially finished. Therefore, I have decided to start by reading books I already have.

My unfinished reading list includes:

  • Preaching That Connects by Mark Galli and Craig Brian Larson
  • Ministry Momentum by Wayne Schmidt
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All by Gary L. McIntosh
  • Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels
  • Smart Fishing by John Hendee
  • Disciplemaker’s Handbook by Alice Fryling
  • Winning With People by John C. Maxwell
  • Holiness and the Human Element by H.A. Baldwin

Questions for you…

  1. Do you have a regular reading plan to stimulate your growth as a Christian and/or church leader?
  2. What good books do you suggest I (or another) should add to this (his or her) list?
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