It’s Summer Time!

It’s summer time and the next week or so will be filled with activities in Overland Park, KS, as congregants of various Churches of God (Holiness) gather to worship together at General Camp (June 1- 6) and then convene the General Convention (June 7). Already, the campus 0f Kansas City College and Bible School has become a busy place with the annual Council of ’69 meeting and high school graduation yesterday.

In the Council of ’69 meeting yesterday, four changes were made to the Articles of Incorporation. Two changes were housekeeping matters, but two were more substantial. The first of the two substantial changes was an alteration in language to allow the Council to elect members of the Board of Trustees who did not belong to the Council of ’69. The second substantial change empowers the Board of Trustees to make all corporate decisions set forth under KSA 17-6002 or any successor statute.

These amendments to the Articles of Incorporation were followed with four changes to the By-Laws. Two of these changes were also housekeeping matters. The third change was made to mirror the change in the Articles of Incorporation – that board members need not belong to the Council in order to be elected to the Board. The fourth change set a restriction on the election to the Board of Trustees to elect those who are affiliated with and in regular attendance to churches that are Wesleyan-Arminian in doctrine but are not associated with the Churches of God (Holiness), as long as that number of trustees does not constitute a majority of a quorum.

After the ensuing elections of Council members and board members, the Kansas City College and Bible School Board of Trustees is thus constituted

Term ending in 2011

  • Richard Beckham
  • Rodney Davis
  • Marley McLerran
  • Wayne Skeen, Jr.

Term ending in 2012

  • Kevin Askew
  • Larry DeOrnellis
  • Dwight Purtle
  • Rodney Smith

Term ending in 2013

  • Jeff Collins
  • John Dowd
  • Matt Lee
  • Greg Wright

Your prayers are appreciated for Dr. Delbert Scott, the Board, faculty, and students of KCCBS.

As you prepare and pray for our upcoming General Convention, you may wish to review the members of Church of God (Holiness) boards and committees in order to help you pray about those who should be elected or re-elected to these positions.

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