The Confirmation of the Word

1 John 5:1-7

The word “testify” is a court term meaning “to affirm as true.” This word carries with it the idea of having absolutely irrefutable evidence. A witness testifies about certain facts in a case.  His opinion, speculation, or recitation of hearsay is not allowed.  His testimony has to be about what he has “seen” and “heard.”  Verse 7 says, that all three persons of the Trinity stand as witness to the fact that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us as the God-man who went to the cross as the supreme sacrifice to atone for our sins.

This statement may not be convincing to the modern day critic who wants an objective truth.  And yet, if the layers of this statement are peeled away, the underlying irrefutable proof will be found.  It is reminiscent the renowned artist Paul Gustave Dore who lost his passport while traveling through Europe.  He thought the border guards would recognize who he was allow him to pass through the border.  This was not the case. Dore argued his case and finally a guard said, “We’ll give you a test.”  Dore was given a pencil and a piece of paper.  He was to sketch several peasants waiting to be processed.  Quickly and skillfully Dore sketched a remarkable likeness of the group of peasants.  His word was confirmed by his work.  In like manner, when the scriptures are carefully examined, they show everything divinely predicted and pronounced regarding the Messiah was accurate and was completely fulfilled. 

By Dr. Gayle Woods

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