The Spirit of the Father

Matthew 10:16-20

Lois Wyse gave six ways a woman preparing for marriage could learn all she needed to know about her fiancé. She should 1) watch him drive in heavy traffic. 2) Play tennis with him. 3) Listen to him talk to his mother when he doesn’t know you’re listening. 4) See how he treats those who serve him (waiters, aids). 5) Notice what he’s willing to spend his money to buy. 6) Look at his friends. And if you still can’t make up your mind, then look at his shoes. A man who keeps his shoes in good repair generally tends to the rest of his life too. (Good Housekeeping, April 1985)

It is important to know that your life companion is genuine. It is also important to know if a person who claims to be a Christian is genuine. The Bible tells us that we will know them by their fruits. Does our life exhibit the character of Christ? Is our first desire to do the will of the Father. Is our first aim in life to glorify God? When people look at us do they see a manufactured façade or do they see Jesus? When people spend time with us do they sense that they have been in the presence of Jesus?

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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