Who am I?

Hebrews 11

file00088836384I have never run in a marathon. I admire those who have the stamina to do so. And yet I realize that like many other things, even in that all are not equal. Once again I am humbled as I consider the question: “Who am I?”

The Wired Word quotes a runner saying, “I am a former marathon runner — a very slow marathon runner. The marathon is an amazing public event, open to everyone. You can take your glove to the ballgame but you don’t get to join the team on the field. You can wear the most expensive basketball shoes, but you don’t get to take the court with the big guys in the NBA (or the big girls in the WNBA). But anyone can run with the world-class athletes in the marathon. That was always amazing to me. I’d be warming up, hoping to break four hours, but the thin Kenyans and Ethiopians were competing on the same course with me. There was a spot in the Long Beach Marathon where the course looped back towards itself. The elite runners, eight miles ahead of me, and with no physical outward sign of strain, would glide by going the other direction. I enjoyed that moment each year.

“I’m also humbled because I am part of the same church as the saints and the martyrs, of prayer warriors whose very humility makes them look the same as everyone around them (though I know better), as well as [modern] prophets … whose lifestyle and message pierces my heart and makes me strive to do better. There aren’t two churches, there isn’t a major league and a Sunday afternoon softball league when it comes to the Christian faith. Dante saw it right. At first Heaven looked layered, with people at the circles of the moon and stars and sun, but in the last cantos of the Paradiso when he looked again, all the saints were part of the great rose, a stadium-like structure with God at the center where everyone is part of the great everything.” (The Wired Word – April 21, 2013)

Who am I?

I study the scripture, I try to minister faithfully and at times I feel good about my accomplishments for God. And then, I read Hebrews 11. I recognize that I am among many. Many have out served me . . . and yet in God’s sight I am included in the “great race” . . . the journey toward the ultimate finish line where I will receive the same accolades from the Royal Judge that are given to those who were faster, stronger, and wiser than I.

Who am I? A child of the King.

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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