Who Can Know It?

“Who can know it?” Jer.

Just outside a western West Virginia town live two wealthy brothers who together own a large construction company. They also a beautiful acreage where they decided to build adjoining houses for their familes. The houses were finally finished and work on the landscape was now being done.

One of the brothers was moving the crane from one location to another. The heavy steel ball swung in front of him. He turned the crane to move in a different direction and the unexpected happened. The large steel ball swung into his brother’s new house destroying one end of the house.

When his brother learned of the accident he boarded his large bulldozer dozer and dozed down his brothers house. His brother seeing what was taking place began to use the crane with a vengeance and completely destroyed his brothers house. Because of the unpredictablity and uncontrollability of carnality the two brothers had foolishly destroyed their brand new houses.

“Who can know it?”

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