Working While We Wait

John 9:1-8 (4)

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

A medical missionary served for many years in a region of India where there was progressive blindness. People were born with healthy vision, but there was something in that area that caused people to lose their sight as they matured.

The missionary developed a procedure which would arrest progressive blindness. So, people came to him, and he performed his operation. As they left his clinc, they realized this missionary had spared them a life of blindness.

He said that the patients never did say, “Thank you.”  The words, “Thank You,” were not adequate for such a healing in their dialect. Instead, they spoke a word that meant, “I will tell your name.” Wherever they went, they would tell the name of the missionary who had cured their blindness.

This is exactly what God expects of us.  None of us were innocent.  We were vile, wretched, and guilty in our sin.   And then we heard His name. 

Someone told us about Jesus.  They did not get up from their place of repentance to simply say, “Thank You, Sir.”  No, they told us about the One who looked beyond their fault and saw their need.  They told us of the One who looked beyond their problems and saw their potential.  They told of One who refused to accuse, but was ready to acquit.  They told us about Jesus.  Today, we also have a story to tell to the nations.

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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