Would you like a valuable resource for your Sunday School or Bible Study class?


Prepared Lesson Materials for S. S. and Bible Study Teachers
No preparation required!

There are 3 main questions you ask yourself when preparing a Lesson for your class:

1. Does this lesson uncover unexpected insights?
2. Is this lesson relevant to today’s culture?
3. Will this lesson cause a thought-provoking discussion?

These are things that every Bible teacher tries to achieve and what every student longs for.

Are you used to spending hours in research and preparation? Not anymore! We have done it for you! Each week fresh new Bible based material is available showing how a Christian should respond to national and world news issues.

“Relevant Bible Lessons” provides pre-prepared lessons for you and your teen or adult class in a very simple and easy to follow format. Included in each downloadable packet is a complete and affordable teacher’s lesson with a student handout ready to teach.

To select your lesson visit www.relevantbiblelessons.com

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