Your Prayer on NDOP

Heavenly Father,

We exalt you as the one true God – there is no other.  We proclaim your majesty, for you have created the heavens and the earth and all that is.  We proclaim your holiness, your set-apart-ness, for there truly is none like you.  We proclaim your justice, for everything you do is right and good.

We proclaim your love, for you created us to have fellowship with you even though you knew that we would turn and sin against you.  With your great foreknowledge you also created a plan – a mystery revealed through the ages – in which your only begotten Son Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity – would become flesh, live among us, die on the cross paying the penalty for our sin, and then rise on the third day victorious over sin and death.  We praise you for your great love and grace.

We proclaim your power as evidenced so often through the working of Holy Spirit, convictingof sin and convincing of righteousness.  We praise you for the power you give us followers of Christ so that we can live victorious over sin and death.

Father, we come to you today asking that your perfect will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.  You see the turmoil and chaos throughout our world.  We ask that in everything that happens that your great plan would go forward.  In our nation, we ask that the machinations of politicians and people would fall as your desires come to fruition.  We ask that in your Church your will always reign supreme.  In our lives, we also desire the assurance of living in the center of your will as we submit to your Word and your will.

Heavenly Father, we are a needy people and we ask for your abundant grace to supply our meager resources.  We pray for the many people who have been hurt by the downturn in our economy: supply their needs, bless them richly.  We pray for those who are hurting today, whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally.  Great Physician, come and heal our land.

But Father, we also confess that our nation has sinned.  We have become immoral and corrupt.  We oppressed many, we have become haughty.  Please forgive us.  Forgive your Church in America that in so many ways has followed the currents of society rather than standing up for right.  Forgive us, cleanse us, make us pure.

Help us also to forgive our enemies.  Help us to bless those who despise us.  Help us patiently endure ridicule and abuse of those who hate you or simply ignore you.  Help us to love them as Christ loved those who persecuted him.

Heavenly Father, help your Church to live holy in this sinful world.  Help us to be an example in every way.  Let our light shine brightly in this sin-darkened world.

In everything, we ask that you gain glory and praise.  Let our lives be sweet perfume to your smell.

We honor you, we glorify you, we commit ourselves to you – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – the Three in One, the only true God.  In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen.

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